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1/72 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka. [ High Spec. Ver. ]

Points Credit : 2,680 points Currently valued at US$35

Overall height : 26.5cm
Head height : 25.5cm
Shoulder width : 14.5cm
Overall depth : 8.3cm
Kit weight : 1.2 kgs
No. of resin parts : 181 pcs.
No. of PX-100 parts : 36 pcs
No. of heat pressed clear parts : 4 pcs.
No. of clear resin parts: 2 pcs
No. of PP-cast polycaps : 17 pcs.
LED system : 1 set
Photo – etch : 1pc.
ABS plastic injection parts: 30 pcs
Ø15mm dark-iron coated metal thrusters : 4 groups ( Total 12 pcs. )
Ø10mm dark-iron coated metal thrusters : 2 groups ( Total 6 pcs. )
Ø6mm dark-iron coated metal thrusters : 2 groups ( Total 6 pcs. )
Ø4 x 13mm hand-made alluminium rods : 4 pcs.
Ø1.5 x 10mm alluminium pin-like parts : 2 pcs.
Ø2 x 2mm alluminium beads : 2 pcs.
Ø5.5 x 25mm hexa-screws and nuts : 4 groups
Ø3 x 4mm cross-screws : 4 pcs.
Ø5 x 9mm 4-round springs : 18 pcs.
Ø2 x 40mm circular copper rods : 1 pc.
Ø1.5 x 50mm circular copper rods : 1 pc.
Ø3 x 130mm circular plastic rods : 1 pc.
Ø14 x 173mm PVC hollow tube ( grey ) : 1 pc.

Photos description:


The decal "WB-102" on the shield is brand new design.  With the help of the computerized camouflage design background, the "WB-102" decal enlighten the shield.


The 2 beam sabers stored in the shield are being separated into 2 individual units.  


The specialized bazooka of RX-78-2.  Main unit is made of PVC tube.


The specialized  laser beam gun of RX-78-2.


The lower body of the kit without the shields is showing the muscular feel of the thighs.


Highlight of the lower body with shields on.


From the close up on the core-fighter, you can see the excellent details of it.  The joints at the hip are made of many gears and springs.


With all shields on, you can feel the excellent design of the lower body.


Open hatch design at the back for the bazooka was built using many pieces of photo-etches.


Close up on the thigh's back full of computerized camouflage design.


New burner (O6mm) was installed outside the leg.  It will be sold individually as upgrade part.


Close up on left leg with "WB-102" white logo.


Close up on right leg showing the exhaust with photo-etch.


It is a signature design at the shoe showing 2 hydraulic arms.


There is cover at the backpack to cover up the empty space when the shield is holding by the arm.


When the cover is removed from the backpack, you can see the PP rubber to hold the shield.


Knees is made up 2 separate open/close structure.  You can see the mechanics beneath the knees.


The beam saber is made of one single piece of cast.  You cannot see any connecting parts between the red beam and the beam body.


You can see 15mm burner at the back pack and 10mm burner at the hip.


Front view of the kit.


Back view of the kit.


Close up on the upper body.


Another close up on the upper body.


Right side of the kit.


Left side of the kit.


Right side of the kit, pose 3.


Left side of the kit, pose 4.


Back view of the kit.


Signature pose when the Gundam is fighting in the war zone.


Another signature pose.

View from the back when shield is on the backpack.

This product was added to our catalog on 2011/07/23.
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