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1/72 MSA-007 "Nero"

Points Credit : 2,980 points Currently valued at US$39

Being the last shot for 2011, we still focus on the figureheads of “Gundam Sentinel” as a reinsforcement to our another project-in-progress, 1/72 RGM-86R GM III. The chosen MS character is 1/72 MSA-007 “Nero”, to be presented in “2-options-in-1-package” and made of multi-color resin. Full action design and accompanied with plastic injection inner frame parts. LED system for main monitor of head. The kit is applied with new dark-iron coated metal thrusters, which can upgrade the interpretation of realistic charms of it.

ProductCode : GS-221
Overallheight : 33.5cm ( Trainer Type ) / 31.0 cm ( General Type )
Headheight : 30 cm( same for both type )
Shoulderwidth : 17.5 cm( same for both type )
Overalldepth : 16.8 cm( up to the end of propellant tank )
Kitweight : 2.3kgs.
No.of multi-color resin parts : 355 pcs.

-    Part A / W1 basic white:86 pcs.

-    Part B / G3 heavy grey : 44 pcs

-    Part C / Y3 orange yellow:18 pcs.

-    Part D / G2 light grey:42 pcs.

-    Part E / G3 dark gery:23 pcs.

-    Part F / R2 custom red:11 pcs.

-    Part G / G5 blue-grey:32 pcs.

-    Part H / PX-100(G3) hard ABS in heavy-grey :52 pcs.

-    Part I / B6 sky blue:11 pcs.

-    Part J / W1 pure white:13 pcs.

CR/ Clear resin parts:3 pcs.
PC/ PP made soft vinyl parts:13 pcs.
AA/ Alluminium mini-parts in basic coating:51 pcs.
SP/ Springs:22 pcs.
PR / ø3 x 110mm cylindrical plastic rod: 1 pcs.
RC / ø3 x 90mmrubber cord:1 pcs.
EP / ø1.5 x 10mm metalpin-like parts:15 pcs.
SW / Screws:ø2 x 14mm x2 pcs. ; ø2 x 18mm x 2 pcs. ; ø3 x 18mmx 2 pcs.
ABS / Darkiron coated plastic injection made thrusters:2 groups
LED System:1 set
DE /custom made water decal:1 pc.
HP/Heat pressed clear parts:3 pcs.
MP / Ø20mm dark-iron coated metal thrusters:4 pcs.
POM madeparts:8 pcs.
PE / photo etch:1 pc.
AP/ Plastic injection madeinternal frame parts for limbs:2 sets
4Rphotos:4 pcs.

This product was added to our catalog on 2011/12/30.
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