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1/60 RX-78 GP02A Finished kit

Points Credit : 14,800 points Currently valued at US$196

Following the success of our 1/60 RX-78GP04G which has been embedded with the New-G's plastic robot frame action figure, we have resolved to launch a new project as our 2nd attempt on the 1/60 scale action series, being the most fatal M.S. among the Zeon remnants, armed with the nuclear power : i.e. RX-78GP02A GUNDAM PHYSALIS. We will still employ the New-G frame #NGF1-060 as the basis to the product. The project will have much room for further interpretation upon some supplementary designs on the main shoulder thruster units, the atomic bazooka, as well as the back pack. Taking the advantage of the original design which is favorable for interpretation of LED due to many rocket thrusters on it. Moreover, the atomic warhead will be restored on this project to make the back pack inner structure more detailed. The triangular LED which are lighted on when the two portions of atomic bazooka armed up in the OVA, is also elaborated.


- The kit works against New-G Pre-Assembled Plastic Injection Internal Frame #FI-ABS-NGF1-060 ;

- The New-G pre-assembled robot frame figure will be provided in a separate gift box inside ;

- The resin parts of the main body are made in multi-color resin ;

- The kit is installed with 16 metal LED rocker thrusters and other LEDs ;

- Product code : GS-278
- Overall height : 39cm (up to the top of bazooka mounted on the back pack)
- Head height : 34cm
- Shoulder width : 16cm
- Overall width : 52cm (up to the 2 outermost shoulder rocket binders )
- Overall depth ( Main Body ) : 16cm
- Shield height : 34cm
- Shield width : 17cm
- Shield depth : 9cm
- Atomic bazooka length : 45cm
- Kit weight : 4.5kgs.
- Part A - No. of W1 “Grey-White” resin parts : 142 pcs.
- Part B - No. of B3 “Blue” resin parts : 16 pcs.
- Part C - No. of Y3 “Orange-Yellow” resin parts : 35 pcs.
- Part D - No. of G4 “Dark-Grey” resin parts : 37 pcs.
- Part E - No. of G3 “Heavy-Grey” resin parts : 275 pcs.
- Part F - No. of R2 “Custom-Red” resin parts : 56 pcs.
- Part G - No. of G3 parts in ABS : 15 pcs.
- Part H - No. of W1 parts in ABS : 1 pcs.
- Part AA - No. of alluminium made mini parts : 26 pcs.
- Part CR - No. of clear resin parts : 7 pcs.
- Part SP - No. of springs : 4 pcs. (Ø10mm x 11mm)
- Part HP - No. of heat pressed clear parts : 3 pcs.
- Part SW-Screws & nuts
-Ø2mm x 12mm:16 pcs.
-Ø2mm x 14mm:10 pcs.
-Ø3mm x 12mm:2 pcs.
-Ø2mm x 30mm:4 pcs.
-Ø2mm x 8mm:2 pcs.
-Ø2.6mm x 6mm:16 pcs.
- Part MP-Alluminium made LED rocket thrusters:16 sets
- Part AS - Coated plastic rocket thrusters : 4 pcs.
- Part LS - LED system : 1 set
- Part NG - Pre-assembled plastic New-G frame #FPI-ABS-NGF1-060 : 1 box
- Part PO-POM gears : 1 runner
- Part RC-Rubber cord (Ø8mm x 20mm):2 pcs.
- Part BP - Steel bearings (Ø3mm):8 pcs.
- Part DE-Custom made water-slide decal:1 pcs.
- Part PE- Photo etches : 3 pcs.
- Product photos : 3 shots

This product was added to our catalog on 2014/07/31.
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